ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research

ICAR-IIHR was established in 1967 to carry out basic, applied and strategic research on horticultural crops. Presently, it is working on 58 horticultural crops (13 fruits, 30 vegetables, 10 flowers and 5 medicinal crops) and so far released 354 varieties and 156 technologies. It has commercialized 176 technologies to 746 clients with 1,250 licenses. Organized more than 850 trainings and 7 National Horticulture Fairs.

A total of 380 students have completed post-graduation studies at ICAR-IIHR. Institute technologies have contributed to the nation at the tune of more than Rs. 30,051 crores annually to the evergrowing Horticulture Sector.

Society for Promotion of Horticulture (SPH)

Society for Promotion of Horticulture (SPH) was started on 20th Sept 2005 at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore with 16 patrons and 146 founder life members and it was registered on 21.01.2006 under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. Society for promotion of Horticulture publishes peer reviewed scientific journal, ‘Journal of Horticultural Sciences’ (JHS) biannually since June 2006 focusing on articles, research papers and short communications of both basic and applied aspect of original research in all branches of horticulture and other cognate disciplines. To apprise the scientists and all those who are interested in horticulture about recent scientific advancement and extension findings is the journal’s goal.


BESST HORT, a Technology Business Incubator of ICAR-IIHR, enjoys catalytic support from NSTEDB, DST, GoI, hosted by ICAR-IIHR, the first horticultural research institute under ICAR since 1967. With a mission to foster innovation, BESST HORT facilitates the incubation of startups and entrepreneurs by offering technical and business mentoring, physical infrastructure, networking support, and essential services for venture validation. Committed to impactful contributions, it aligns with criteria governance and values freedom. Embracing a humanitarian stance, BESST HORT addresses global challenges such as carbon reduction and philanthropy, contributing to meaningful work and rural development through UNICEF partnerships, thus ensuring a purposeful and sustainable impact in the entrepreneurial landscape.


National Organizing Committee

Chief Patron

Dr. Himanshu Pathak

Secretary DARE, GoI & Director General, ICAR, New Delhi


Prof. Sanjay Kumar Singh

Deputy Director General (Horticultural Sciences), ICAR, New Delhi


Dr. U. S. Gautam

Deputy Director General (Agrl. Extn.), ICAR, New Derhi

Chairman Organizing Committee

Dr. Prakash Patil

ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru

Organizing Secretary

Dr. M. V. Dhananjaya

Principal Scientist, Nodal officer (NHF-2024) &
CEO, BESST-HORT Incubation Center, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru

Co-Organizing Secretary

Dr. G. Karunakaran

Principal Scientist,
Division of Fruit Crops

Co-Organizing Secretary

Dr. H.C. Mahadevaiah

Senior Scientist,
Division of Vegetable Crops

Co-Organizing Secretary

Dr. N. Loganandhan

Principal Scientist & Head,
KVK. Hirehalli

Co-Organizing Secretary

Dr. G.A. Atheequlla

Division of Social Sciences and Trainings

NHF2024 Committees and Chairperson

Committee Name Chairperson Member Secretary
Local Organizing Committee Dr. Prakash Patil
Fund Mobilization Committee Dr. M. V. Dhananjaya Dr. H. P. Sumangala
Field Demonstration Committee Dr. H. C. Prasanna Dr. B. R. Raghu
Stakeholders Mobilization Committee Dr. G. Senthil Kumaran Dr. R. Senthil Kumar
Workshop/ Conference and Meeting Committee Dr. M. Thangam Dr. D. Kalaivanan
Website and Social Media Platform Dr. Sridhar Gutam Dr. M. K. Chandra Prakash
IT and Internet Facility Dr. D Srinivasa Murthy Mr. Thippeswamy S
Print, Electronic media and Publicity Committee Dr. Nandeesha P Dr. N. R. Prasannakumar
Publication Committee Dr. S. Sujatha Dr. Shamina Azeez
Food and Refreshment Committee Dr. T. R. Rupa Mr. P. Paramashivaiah
Accommodation Committee Dr. G. M. Sandeep Kumar Dr. G. Chethan Kumar
Transport Committee Dr. M. C. Keerthi Mr. S. G. Kalashetty
VIP/ Distinguished Guests Liaison Committee Dr. Puspa Chetan Kumar Dr. T. R. Usha Rani
Registration Committee Dr R. Raju Dr. H. V. Harish Kumar
Stage & Felicitation Committee Dr. Smitha, G. R. Dr. Smaranika Mishra
Exhibition Committee Dr. Ponnam Naresh Dr. H. A. Bhargavi
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